Prices & Sizings

Pricing doesn’t change based on your size. No reason to charge our customers more just because they may have a little more of themselves to love.

Fulfillment & Shipping

Standard fulfillment time is 2-7 business days. Once your order has been fulfilled and left the warehouse you will receive a notification with shipping information. On a rare occasion, this may take longer than usual due to the availability of inventory levels.

Free Shipping on orders over $100

All orders will have a flat rate shipping fee of $6.99. This fee will be waived for all orders that cost $100+.

Where Do We Ship?

Our products ship all over the Continental U.S. If you wish to have international shipping. please contact sales@melaninpopn.com and we can discuss the potential options.

Return Policy

All merchandise is created on demand once your order is placed. It is important that you consult the sizing guide for each item in order to ensure proper sizing. Orders will only be refunded for printing errors or incorrect orders. Please contact sales@melaninpopn.com with any concerns. Providing images of the merchandise in question will help to expedite the process.

Where Do Designs Come From?

The designs found at Melanin Pop’n are inspired by my professional work, love for black culture, and the desire to be a positive role model to my daughter and nephews.

I’m an artist who is willing to do commissions for commercial work

I would love to work with you as there are several ideas in mind that would require more of an artistic touch than I currently possess. I also welcome designs from different perspectives that follow the core value of Melanin Pop’n: elevating people of color with positive affirmations and representation. Please contact me at sales@melaninpopn.com to discuss further.